Monday, April 20, 2009

Southern California Weekend

Arrived in sunny and not-so-warm Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Friday at 7pm PT. Bee-lined to In'N'Out to enjoy a Double-Double animal style and a strawberry shake. Then I drove off to Tustin to visit my 8-week-old niece, Olivia, for the first time. I attended mass at the Nierva home in Wildomar, Saturday morning. Afterwards, food and refreshments overflowed. I spent more time with my brother's family before returning to Wildomar to sing karaoke. We attended mass at 11am on Sunday. We enjoyed tacos and nachos served by the local community. Spent some time in Costco grazing on samples. Then we enjoyed a Mexican desert (mine consisted of ice, pineapple, and maybe some other good stuff). A quick return to Tustin for Kathleen to see my niece, and for me to treat my brother to a Yard House meal to settle on a bet on the 2007 season of MotoGP.

And that is the weekend in a nutshell! Crazy that Spring temperatures in Southern California are nearly double those in Chicago; record heat predicted today in Los Angeles.

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