Friday, May 8, 2009

Stab in the Dark

Not sure where to start with the whole wedding stuff, so I started up a few Google Docs: list of questions, guest list, and schedule.

The list of questions includes items like, don't forget to get gifts for people in the wedding party. So I guess it's more of a "don't forget" list. A friend forgot to put stamps on RSVP envelopes before stuffing; her fiancé used tweezers to stuff stamps in through a small opening. I just added that to the list. When my sister flew from Boston (where she lived) to Los Angeles for the wedding, she arrived to the Boston airport wondering what she forgot. "Wedding dress!?!" She placed it on the back of the bedroom door for the very reason that she would not forget it, too. Not sure what else I will put on this document, but it's really a catch-all.

The initial guest list is not as overwhelming as I thought. But Kathleen may not have added everyone that she needs. My brother recommends that I clear the list with my parents since they may have input; but I pointed out that we've already had his and my sister's wedding, so everyone should already be covered. :D My brother's wedding had the most extended family and friends; people we had not seen since leaving Cerritos in 1985 (his wedding was in 1998). My sister's wedding concentrated on her friends that she kept in contact with... basically anyone she had been friends with since she was 5 years old.

The schedule is mostly blank. I filled up sheets with contact information (one for the wedding party, one for vendors) and skeleton plans (times and addresses for rehearsal and the day of the wedding).

I'm not sure what else I can do right now. Nail down a date, perhaps?

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