Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What 3rd party applications (Apple iPhone apps) do you use?

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    Free 3rd party applications (Apple iPhone apps)

  1. Evernote (free) - Organizational software that includes OCR services. I never use this anymore.

  2. Facebook (free) - I rarely use this app, but it's there for when I want it.

  3. foursquare (free) - Location-based check-in app with unlockable badges.

  4. Loopt (free) - I use this to Tweet my location with an image (example).

  5. Mint.com (free) - After signing up online, this budgeting app keeps you up-to-date with customizable push notifications.

  6. Photoshop.com (free) - Rudimentary adjustments. Installed on a whim; will uninstall soon.

  7. Spell Number (free) - Enables Emoji characters (instructions).

  8. Sport Lite (free) - I think it tells me my GPS location? I've never used this; but hear it's crucial for geo-caching.

  9. Sportacular (free) - Game updates with customizable push notifications.

  10. TweetDeck (free) - Twitter app.

  11. What's On? (free) - TV Listings and movie times listing service powered by Zap2it - What to Watch. Where to Watch It.

  12. Paid 3rd party applications (Apple iPhone apps)

  13. Crosswords ($9.99) - Crosswords. I got this for my fiancee, who never plays it.

  14. FotoTimer ($1.99) - Timer for the camera. The "preview before saving" feature broke in the new version, though. WTF?

  15. Geo-Defense ($1.99) - Tower defense game.

  16. Geo-Defense Swarm ($0.99) - Tower defense game.

  17. geocaching ($9.99) - Geo-Caching. I never use this anymore.

  18. Mobile Fotos ($2.99) - Upload full-resolution iPhone camera photos to Flickr. I rarely use this anymore.

  19. Remember the Milk ($25/ year) - Reminder service with push notification. The app is free, but you need the Pro account with RTM.

  20. StarDefense ($5.99) - Tower defense game. I've beaten it a few times and don't play anymore.

  21. TaxiBall ($2.99) - Best tilt ball game in the world! There's a trial version if you just want to check it out.

  22. Tweetie ($2.99) - Twitter app with landscape keyboard. v2 is out.

  23. WhatsApp ($0.99) - Chat application with push notification; currently deployed to iPhone and Blackberry.

  24. WordAce Pro ($0.99) - Best word game in the world! There's a free version; I chose to pay to support the programmers


  1. New to iphone... Any recommendations?

  2. 15 pages!! I'm keeping just a few essential ones. I still don't know how to upload pics to fb.

  3. I also uninstalled Photoshop. The features just aren't there.