Thursday, January 28, 2010

Left versus Right.

Democrats versus Republicans.
Apple versus PC.

Why are people so adamantly on one side? Why do people go to extremes?

With the release of the iTab, I am trying to understand the logic of it all. Right off the bat, the tech crowd rejects it because it fails to fill any void. But more surprising, I found the non-tech crowd rejects it because it fails to offer any value. Thus far, the only proponents with cause are those in the textbook industry; this device is only meant for media consumption. Does this mean Apple predicts the end of periodic publications in print? Or at least, a large departure from the print medium, and consequently a large swell towards the iTab?

When it comes to redistribution of content: I know that Google struggles with media companies, newspapers in particular. It boils down to revenue. If Google can't figure it out, how will Apple?

I will play with the iTab when it's at the Apple store, mainly to see how Google works on it. Google Docs, GMail, Google Reader, Google Calendar: all of these products fill the voids of the iTab. But I will give the iTab a shot, just as I gave the iPhone a chance. But this time, I will hopefully have the wisdom to realize whether or not the product is for me before buying it. I will admit that the idea of an Apple tablet really appeals to me. But if I must pay $650 + $30/ month for this, better alternatives exist. These alternatives allow me to not only consume, but to create.

During the Presidential address last night, Obama laid out his agenda. He opened up. He tried to reach out to the American public. I hope he reached at least one right extremist because he did all he could to be respectful, even when that courtesy was never extended to him. When he talked about citizens who had lost faith in our biggest institutions, I felt like he was talking directly to me. The right extremists need to give this guy a chance!

I understand why people have their obsessions. I understand how passion fuels debates. But after the adrenalin wears off, I hope that all of us are wise enough to concede. I hope that all of us are wise enough to compromise.

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