Thursday, September 23, 2010

Childhood Fun

Yesterday I had fun. Not fun while drinking. Not fun while hanging out with friends. No. I had the fun one experiences in childhood.

For my birthday my sister bought me a Lego set. It could either be a sport-touring bike, a hog, or a dragster. I choose the sport-tourer first. While diligently following the directions I can already see flaws in the design. After constructing as instructed, I play. I pull out another Lego set for pieces. I modify the design to make the bike more sporty. I spend over an hour trying different configurations.  Afterwards, I snap a few photos of my creation. Perhaps the whole idea of solving a problem excites me the most. I feel happy just to play with the Lego set. I don't need music. I don't need a TV droning in the background (although the thought crosses my mind).  I destroy my sport bike creation. I return to reality by constructing the Sears Tower and dragster as instructed.

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