Monday, September 20, 2010

Live (9/20/2010)

This begins a series of posts designed to challenge views on living.  The plan is to write a post at least daily.  The post should reflect on some thing.  This thing (an idea, a purpose, a major event) revolves around living life.  What drives my living today?  Why does this drive me?  

On the plane ride home I watch "Before Sunrise." Although I've seen the movie a few times, I feel as though I don't remember any of the scenes.  I connect with the movie on different levels: similarities with the feelings, understanding of thoughts, some comedic value.  My brain churns on the ideas of purpose in life.  Although I live with a vague idea of purpose, I never actually sit down and write my thoughts.  I wonder how my life would change had I kept log of the things that affected my life on a daily basis.  

Today I lived to serve.  I always feel that to serve is the best way to express my affections.  I love showering my wife with gifts and attention.  I enjoy extending this to my family and friends.  I sometimes worry that I will be misunderstood; but for the most part rely on the optimism in the human thought process.  For one reason or another, serving makes me happy.  On a small level, helping someone out with a gift.  On a larger level, employing my talents to an effective level.  Today was just a small blip: offering to pay for my father-in-law's new sunglasses.  But seeing his excited expression invokes my feelings when receiving a special gift.  

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