Monday, October 18, 2010


I forgot the ease by which we slip into routine. I mean "we" in the exclusive sense. It's difficult for me to slip into a long-term routine due to forgetfulness. I rarely immerse myself fully to routine in life. Who knows the cause. But lately, I feel disconnected from my "routine" of life in Chicago. Not to say I had one.

The random take aways from recent travels I list below.
  1. Doing laundry is underrated. Every hotel should allow guests to do their own laundry for free.
  2. Photographs capture moments when you can find them, but only when selective. Facebook allows me post massive amounts of pictures for vanity's sake: I'm thankful for that. While you may enjoy the 200+ pictures of your event, I only need a handful to invoke memories.
  3. I'm horribly blunt with communication: to the point that I often times fail. I either misunderstand or am misunderstood. I'm thankful for the understanding of my friends, and the unending patience and understanding of my wife.
  4. Everyone is a social being. Everyone feels the need to be included; everyone hates feeling excluded. Even if that means being a target, attention is paramount and feels good.
  5. Peer involvement creates exciting situations. I avoid saying peer pressure because of the negative connotations associated with that phrase. There's something that just makes it okay to be caught up in a moment when surrounded by peers. I don't think I could always be caught up in this, though. Now that I think about it, this may be part of the New York life (and what's lacking from the LA life): the constant presence of peers.

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