Thursday, March 17, 2011

Double Click

While playing Fleck one day I thought, "These actions would be quicker and easier if I had a double-click button on my mouse."  Until now I've been using the same Logitech Marble Mouse with two buttons for 5 or more years.  I discover the current version contains four buttons.  Score!  I use my Logitech gift card (from the delayed release of the Logitech Revue with Google TV) and have an amazing mouse that I don't know how I lived without.

How did I survive this long with a two-button mouse?  On top of the obvious benefits of a multi-button mouse, I am a gamer and therefore accustomed to multiple buttons.  I use keyboard shortcuts all the time.  Seems to make logical sense to have a multi-button mouse.  Opening an e-mail is now one button.  Opening a file is now one button.  Now I need to find a purpose for the fourth button.  For home I purchased an even crazier version of the Marble Mouse.  It has a scroll wheel and seven buttons.  So many choices!

What actions do you assign to your 3+ mouse buttons?

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