Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why Does Apple Hate Me?

No manufacturer has given me as much frustration as Apple.  They could have made it easy and been backwards compatible.  Or they could have at outright told me when things will not work.  Instead, I am given false hope.

iPad not working on OS X 10.5?  Okay, fine. That's on the iPad specs.  But isn't it odd that it will work on WinXP?  I mean, what is it about 10.5 that you don't like?  Is it that I haven't paid you to upgrade my OS?

iPhone 3G jacked with iOS upgrade.  I don't even know how long it took to fix this because I switched to Android.  Is it even fixed yet?  I mean, completely fixed?

iPad not working on my WiFi.  This just baffles the mind.  And then you go about fixing this 6-8 months later without any notification.  I just tried it on a whim, and now it works!

Bluetooth keyboard not working on OS X 10.6.6.  You suckered me into buying OS X 10.6.6 (thanks for the discount, Amazon!); and now my $70 Bluetooth keyboard will not work.  I've been trying for two hours to get it to connect because some thread on the Apple forums tells me to be patient.  No dice.

Do you just not like compatibility?  Do you hate it when we don't pony up the cash to buy the newest hardware or software?  What am I supposed to do with all this "old" stuff now?  My keyboard is barely 3 years old!  The iPhone wasn't even 2 years old.  And the iPad had these issues straight out of the box.

I am glad that Android surpassed iPhone (and RIM) as the top smart phone OS in the US (Nielsen: Who is Winning the U.S. Smartphone Battle?).  You had a good thing going with iTunes.  You kept us on a string with the iPhone.  But now I just don't see the utility in Apple.  And really, that's what products are supposed to be about: utility.

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