Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Contact Lens Trial

I've worn Bausch & Lomb Toric SofLens (alphafilcon A) lenses since forever.  The lenses are meant to be worn for 2 weeks, but I usually stretch them out to 4 weeks.  I find my eyes very dry after just a few hours of wearing even new lenses.  I know newer types of lenses have been released, but not until today did I do research on them.

My wife has worn CooperVision Biofinity (comfilcon a) lenses for some time.  The lenses are meant to be worn for a month.  They use "hydrogel" technology. I read this interesting article: Looking at Silicone Hydrogels Across Generations. Who knew the world of contact lenses was so complicated?  No wonder optometrists never go over them; it's difficult to explain and the choices probably confuse people more than aid.

I asked my optometrist if I could try the CooperVision Bionfinity lenses. Today is my first day wearing them. I hope these trial contacts suit me well.

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  1. I have just got the exact same lenses. The same numbers are yours. 8.7 and 14.5 but mine are different numbers underneath. I am really trying to find somewhere that I can just buy them from and get delivered as the place where I buy them from doesn't deliver and I have to take time out of work to go and get them. Do you know what the numbers underneath me.
    i.e the -4.00 - 1.25 x 170