Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photograph File Organization: Exiftool

Using exiftool by Phil Harvey, I performed numerous operations on digital photographs to clean up over 10 years of images spread across numerous platforms. This allows me to consolidate all rendered photos into one, organized location. Below are the command line arguments used to accomplish this task.

  • exiftool '-DateTimeOriginal>FileModifyDate'
Change the file's date to the photograph's date contained within EXIF. This allows me to sort photos by date and resolve conflicts.  
  • exiftool '-Filename<${DateTimeOriginal}-$Model-$ImageWidth-$ImageHeight.%le' -d %y%m%d-%H%M%S
Change the file's name to the date and time of the photograph's date, the camera model name, and the image and height of the actual photograph. This allows me to resolve conflicts, and move smartphone/tablet photos to a different location.  
Allows you to see the tags to use within the EXIF.
  • -stay_open 1 -fast -fast2 -r -q -q
Performance arguments entered after using an above command and specifying the location to act upon. 


  1. Do you use Adobe Lightroom? It has some simliar features.

  2. I only use Lightroom for rendering. But it's an interesting prospect moving forward.

    This tool allows me to go through the backlog of photos.
    - All photos from Flickr (Bulkr download).
    - All photos from Gallery (FTP download).
    - All photos rendered, spread across various hard drives.
    - Smartphone and tablet photos spanning Sidekick III, various iOS devices, and various Android smartphones.