Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Google Offers + Google Latitude

Today's email from Google Offers includes a "Near work" link. I cannot recall entering addresses into Google Offers; I assume it pulled my data from Google Latitude. Yay! I really enjoy and appreciate when Google products play nicely with each other.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

iPhone Camera - Lens Flare

The lens protector on the iPhone 4 (and other iPhones) have a tendency to get scratched. I'm not sure why Apple chose to use cheap plastic instead of glass... after all, it's a camera. I tried buffing the lens, but to no avail. Apple charges something like $30-$40 to replace the "lens."

This temporary fix cost me nothing since I already had these screen protectors in stock (I found them on Amazon for $3.66: Why does this work? The liquid adhesive fills the tiny scratches on the lens.

Even if you don't have this problem with your iPhone camera, I'd recommend placing this screen protector on the back of your iPhone to prevent future damage.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Weening Off Upgraded Shipping

Amazon Prime is awesome. Who doesn't like receiving their packages in two days, versus the "5-7 business days?" And for every single item Amazon can ship, you too can use and abuse this sense of urgency for a mere $80/month. Is there any way out of this addiction?

Amazon thinks so. With the rising costs of oil (and therefore shipping) and instability/sustainability issues surrounding oil, we're bound to see a plethora of solutions for the energy crisis. But what can Amazon do besides raise the prices for Amazon Prime? What can Amazon do to postpone (or perhaps avoid) complete backlash from its current customers? How about electronic money?

While purchasing items today, I noticed a link after the 5-7 days shipping: "Get $1 to Spend on MP3s - Learn More." That's one song. That's 1/10 of an album. Considering that I just bought a couple albums (Gotye and Lisa Hannigan) and considering my sporadic desires for a song here-and-there, this piqued my interest, and may ween me off the addiction to 2-day shipping.

Amazon Shipping: Get $1 to Spend on MP3s - Learn More